Sell My House Quickly Swindon

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Solutions for Landlords

As landlords of our own portfolio we understand the challenges that you face, do you want to ;-

  1. Sell a single or several property, houses, flats, bungalows, blocks
  2. Sell with tenants in place, and help deal with issues
  3. Deal with a property that needs renovating or is difficult to sell
  4. Offload an Empty, vandalised or inhabitable property
  5. Retire having done your time as landlord
  6. Avoid the hassle of managing the portfolio
  7. Sell your whole portfolio quickly or over a period of years
  8. Reduce to the minimum capital Gains and Section 24 increasing unfair tax burdens
  9. Want to pass some or all of your portfolio to your family, friends without any of the management burden
  10. Obtain guaranteed rents for a period of up to 10 years

We have a number of different options available and can guarantee whatever the problem you are facing we can offer a solution to remove or reduce that issue.

We have an experienced team which includes specialist solicitors and tax specialists that you can talk to you to ensure your liabilities are minimised and your return is maximised

We are professionals in property and the owner of SMHQ Swindon Chris Sheerin (aged 51) has been in property and construction for over 30 years so will treat you with the respect and professionalism you deserve

So please get in contact with Chris and we can arrange a time to communicate in whichever way suits you, ie Face to face(socially distanced) , phone, email, skype, zoom, teams etc.

Once you give us the full details of what you want out of the deal with the property or portfolio details we guarantee we will give you at least a minimum of 2 solutions for you to consider within 7 days maximum.  Then its up to you

No hard sell, no admin changes or fees and we could even pay all your legals fees and taxes depending upon the situation.

Please fill out our form click here and will will get in touch within 24 hours or just text your name and a short message to 07914653341